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Many of the global dilemmas we face today have their genesis in mismanagement or exploitation of our natural resources. The healthy relationship between Man and the Earth is crucial to our physical, economic, social and spiritual future and is fundamental to the vitality and, indeed, survival of our planet. The spiritual task of our time calls us to develop higher states of consciousness and recognize our integral place in the evolution of the cosmic whole. Our true role in this alliance must be based on a fresh, clear vision of the Earth as our partner, not our property.
Through biodynamics, we can
- balance the physical science that defines the Earth as a physical equation of gases, minerals and organisms, with a spiritual science that perceives Her as a living, multidimensional Being
-experience the living reality in all matter and develop a sensitive perception of the harmonious, strengthening rhythms of the Cosmos
- begin an intuitive dialogue with Nature that provides an ethical response to the unique needs of each farm and garden
- receive true nourishment of body, soul and Spirit as individuals and as a community
-heal the Earth as a global responsibility and a personal inner path.








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